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About the company culture of hotel industry

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Guest and in-house personnel will be affected to still have prospective stuff directly like the temperament that company culture resembles a person the impression to the hotel. As a result of him have little talent and learning, so I am here to be able to discuss the company culture effect to employee with everybody only, it is me below in ideal and what see in reality a few in the superficial view that company culture has descriptive returning having his, hope to share with everybody:

1, success company culture: Just as its name implies, the enterprise builds his success on the success that helps each employee. Advantage is the arrangement that you can carry very good but can bring higher employee spending for you however. Because successful employee always is need,have the pay salary that matchs with successful photograph. Apply to hotel of high quality scales and chain company

2, study company culture: Let employee get sufficient study and rise, those who let them can achieve level here is rising, arrive from the clerk for example foreman, arrive from foreman sectional manager. Premise condition is the core member that you want to one is worth them to learn to a few. Advantage depends on maintaining staff good job status while still can maintain a relatively low pay pay. But because employee is in,rise period, hard to avoid errs, the hotel is due the preparation of this respect. Suit small-sized and intermediate hotel.

3, joy company culture: Core topic for discussion is to allow all employee as far as possible in holding the position in a joy, this needs your administrative layer to should have extremely strong sentiment to move capacity. The advantage depends on can letting employee hold good position, but if manage not good at meeting to make employee rambling, and exceed what is proper. Apply to bar.

4, share model company culture: Workpoint of the member that let enjoys the profit of the hotel, decision-making, the increase that achieves each individual interest and a hotel thereby is bound together. Can raise the affinity of the hotel, be helpful for developing each individual ability, but cost is profit however. Need consideration is shared this kind whether can bring more profit. Apply to the public house that has long-term management desire.

5, greedy company culture: Use monetary glamour, extremely high salary deduct a percentage, still have extremely high penalty at the same time. Draw large staff between, this inn and outside the salary difference of inn, upset employee thereby. The advantage depends on facilitating management, at the same time OK also very effective help improves beneficial result, but let internal relationship become nervous. Apply to industry of sudden huge profits

6, hope company culture: Give each employee the hope, let everybody expect future. Advantage is short-term inside personnel will be exceedingly active, but if hope undone opposite effect as much apparent. Apply to quite be in rise period hotel.
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