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Of company culture begin

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Begin company culture job to want to solve so a few problems. Above all, is the employee psychosis that should explain we expect what kind of. Say to be clear about this, we just know company culture job wants to achieve what rate, ability meets employee better consciousness cooperates and be adjusted. The 2nd, want to solve the method problem that does company culture work. The method affirmation that company culture works and other job are different, have its specialty, want to study well. The 3rd, the evaluation standard problem that clears up company culture job. How to evaluate, our company culture job is done reached the designated position, the effect after all how, want to have a view. Say the first problem first, is the company culture that we expect what kind of.

Show this, want to clear up the need of two respects first, it is the need of the need of the enterprise and employee.

The member that the enterprise needs is worker loyalty, active, can in all riches and honour also can offer as a gift in all adversity, always can maintain high morale, that business is good did; Besides the utilitarian demand of employee, need is more and happy, esteem, proud the feeling with warmth, that day with respect to feel well.

Looked to understand so, this is concept of a commutative. Mutual faithfulness, mutual respect, mutual help, mutual understanding, between enterprise and employee, between employee and employee, it is such, achieve from this active health, lively close come to an agreement. This is the position that place of our company culture expects, can accomplish such, the development of He Chou enterprise had assure reliably. Say the 2nd problem again, become the method that good business culture works and means.

I think, the mainest measure communicates means namely. Of mutiple level, much angle, many sided good communicate, it is the means that we become good business culture to work. Did not communicate do not talk to go up the concept of the " mutual " that says before us.

The job of company culture, it is to should be besides management sex, system sex and administrative sex channel, build more various the channel that effective enterprise interior communicates and carrier, make company staff manages the sufficient communication of mental level, can express one's innermost thoughts and feelings and inner feeling more as far as possible come out. Everybody understand one another is much, nature can have adjusted his position, the position of the position of behavior and state of mind, natural also meeting produces feeling between employee and employee, employee and enterprise. The key here is two, it is channel and carrier should be abounded, want effective, it is to communicate each information to want accurate, use up little error.

Channel respect, can be journal, TV, network, have an informal discussion, forum, match, game, literary, reveal can wait a moment, everybody can think up better idea to abound these communication channel and carrier, these things can come out people from the disengagement in the orbit of inherent job, "The insecurity that eliminates groovy job and cabined, make the person is working, can spirit new rise with force and spirit rises, have the use that adjust and charges, and still contain a kind constructive or the elemental " of creativity.
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