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Connotation of culture of meal of Beijing Olympic Games: To international standa

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Great affection of rich of China food culture is deep, of long standing and well established, very tall reputation is enjoyed on the world.

The Chinese is told eat, it is a day of 3 eat not just, allay one's hunger of satisfy one's thirst, it often accumulate containing what the Chinese knows thing, understanding thing to lose put in order, a children is born, relatives and friends should eat red egg to express festival.

"Egg " the continuance that showing life, "Eat an egg " the move that send contain the Chinese passes a great expectations that receives era. Want when child one full year of life " eat " , want when 18 years old " eat " , when marrying, want " eat " , arrived 60 old age, should toast each other more the ground congratulates one time. This kind " eat " , apparently looking is a kind of physiology is satisfied, but actually " have ulterior motives " , it lends the mentality that had this kind of form to convey a kind to abound connotation. Eating culture had been surmounted " eat " itself, obtained more deep society sense. Pass communication of Chinese and Western, our dietary culture appeared again new times distinguishing feature. Be like at color, sweet, flavour, model outside pay attention to nutrition again, it is progress of a kind of times. The practice of 10 bowls of big 8 grail received innovation, this also is very delectable. But, china food culture is in in colliding with culture of world each country, should have a solid fulcrum, such its ability are collected in rich numerous get perfect and developing in long process, maintain unabated vitality. I feel, this fulcrum is outstanding tradition culture is idiosyncratic, namely the basic connotation that China food culture needs to explore. Accordingly, of basic to China food culture connotation make an on-the-spot investigation, conduce to dietary culture be being deepened theoretically not only, and hold world market to also having far-reaching active sense to China food culture. I think, china food culture comes with respect to its depth connotation ancient name for ground allotted to a household, can generalize 4 words: Essence of life, beautiful, affection, ceremony. These 4 words, the distinctive culture hint that the place such as function of activity of quality of the food in reflecting dietary activity process, aesthetic experience, affection, society contains accumulate, also mirrorred dietary culture and China the close tie of outstanding and traditional culture.

Essence of life. Be the underlying tone of pair of China food culture is wraparound. Confucius has said: "Eat energy of not tire of, meat chopped into small pieces not tire of is fine " . This was mirrorred first civilian the high-quality goods consciousness to food. Of course, be confined to of this may mere bureau is certain aristocratic estate. But, consciousness of this kind of high-quality goods regards a kind of culture as spirit, more and more extensive however, more and more thorough ground is permeated, in carrying out process of whole food activity. Choose makings, cook, conpatibility of medicines and even dietary environment, reflecting " essence of life " word.
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