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Deepness of culture of meal of Beijing Olympic Games unscrambles: The price sets

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Beijing Olympic Games will break the pattern of meal of Olympic Games of Western-style food unify first, let Chinese meal hold the proportion of 30% . Beijing food learns director Cai to express together, this one mode already approval of international Olympic committee.

Offer Chinese food the share of 30%

At present already 270 thousand person registers preparation to attend Beijing Olympic Games, exceeded Athenian Olympic Games, there will be 7 million audience to enter during predicting Olympic Games view contest.

The Cai that Beijing food learns says with one director, meal of all previous Olympic Games is supplied is Western-style food, this one mode will be broken during Beijing Olympic Games. Via approval of international Olympic committee, the lieutenant general of Olympic Games meal 2008 offers Chinese food the share of 30% .

Meal price sets upper limit control

Cai Tong says, olympic Games meal needs to satisfy the need of the athlete that comes from 203 countries and area and media public figure. The Olympic Games and incomplete when abstruse meeting spans 60 days, everyday 24 hours of uninterrupted services, this never has been experienced before home.

He says, at present Olympic Games meal already had 112 autographs to make an appointment with restaurant, the price practices upper limit control, indicate wholesome grade.

The 5 big principles that enter music score of Olympic Games food are: Exert oneself reflects the concept of Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, humanitarian Olympic Games, science and technology; Convey the group care of athletes of pair of each district each country; Ensure safety does not have an accident; Assure the palatability of nutrient rationality and dish; Reflect Chinese distinguishing feature, act on economical principle.

Cai Tong discloses, according to the regulation, the music score of food of every Chinese meal in music score of Olympic Games food also wants to be approved via international Olympic committee.

The foreigner is interested in Chinese dish

The data of a group of investigation that according to Hui Ling of Feng of Chinese people university vice-president provides makes clear, in the culture configuration of as direct as the Olympic Games correlation, what abroad public is interested most is the dietary culture of China and Beijing, and artistic culture and folk-custom culture also have larger expectation crowd.