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2 / 3 "black" hotel Internet marketing long-term absence

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People like to go out to get hotel information from the network, while also increasing emphasis on large and small hotel Internet marketing. It is understood that currently there are nearly 300,000 hotel, but check the Internet to the hotel less than 10 thousand, more than 2 / 3 of the hotel information is not released into the open, leading to customer inquiries, "a smear." This part of the "black" hotel has become a potentially huge online travel site opportunities. Recently, the online travel site where to submit online line hotel independent features ("submit a new hotel"), hotel operators and network users can go to the hotel where the channel has not been submitted to the hotel where the network information collected at home and abroad, relevant staff in 2-5 business days to submit information to be reviewed and audited by the hotel to where the information displayed on the web. Internet marketing, told reporters that the previous network marketing, advertising alliance, often large hotel a solo act, small hotels, single hotel by the funds, personnel, management and other factors, the establishment of the hotel's official website and online marketing management professional there is a big pressure on the cost of expenditure. But with the popularity of the Internet, small and medium hotel test the water network marketing the new model is imminent. Where is Ze, vice president of hotel operations network said the creation of the self-management since the hotel every day, nearly one hundred domestic and international hotel information and to submit themselves for review. "For operators, it can be added without having to spend huge sums of money on the Internet platform, from country inns, budget hotels to five-star hotels are all enlist." Information, where to Web search for hotels currently number 80,000 home, the domestic hotel 60000, the international hotel 20000. It is reported that 25% of Chinese Internet users will be conducted online hotel reservations via the Internet. Industry insiders estimate that as the online hotel reservations travel tourism market and slow to mature, the Chinese online travel industry is bound to usher in the blowout of the next few years.