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Fuzhou star hotel tourist stay free of charge by bicycle pick up the car at any

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Live in the future to Fuzhou-star hotel, would like to go to the city shopping, do not spend money to play, they do not crowded bus, you can choose the most environmentally friendly way - to the hotel free of charge to borrow a bike tourist. Reporter learned yesterday, November 1, the Fuzhou Hotel in Mountain Hotel, Convention Center Hotel and a number of trade-star hotel for free trial to the guests by bike, of which the individual hotels have been available by car, most of the hotel management methods are being developed . Bicycle tourism in principle to borrow free of charge, but may be based on the actual situation of the hotel, receive the appropriate deposit. Such as the Convention Center hotel trade, currently provides 10 bicycles, 1 November, the hotel guests to pay 600 yuan Deposit to borrow. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter is to see the mountain hotel. 4 brand new red bike neatly placed in the door to the side of the car close to the basket on the "Quality Tourism travel with you", a tripod and a "Blessed are the state of the ancient capital of Fuzhou Hot Spring", etc. Words, each vehicle has a number. Hotel Front Office at Hill told reporters responsible, 4 car was recovered on November 1, is currently considering purchase anti-theft lock, such as the introduction of specific management measures, we can determine how close the deposit, May conduct the procedure. According to reports, in the mountains by car the hotel is generally time to 11 pm the day before, but the middle of the night if guests need to find the total station can also go through the process to obtain the vehicle at any time.